Studio, Joy Forum KMD 5-17. desember 2019

In this project, I made the exhibition space Joy Forum my studio for a limited period of time. Reflecting how the space is constructed from leftover test materials, I tested ideas in and around the exhibition space. Some days I worked in the space or researched public realms, infrastructure and nature around KMD’s building in Møllendal, after a while focusing on the Møllendal river passing through the area, whose tide differs between 0,5 and 2 meters twice every 24h.

Screenshot 2019-12-10 13.57.29


Other days my presence was remote and a recent recording of work done on my computer screen ran on one of Joy Forum’s walls. This one was part of my response to the open call:


When I first heard about KMD’s new building, it fascinated me how the role of the studio space in the infrastructure of artmaking could apparently escape the planning regime of such an extensive, publically funded construction. Then I started thinking of how much of my own artistic work that actually takes place in other infrastructures than my small studio. My laptop is an indispensable yet sometimes challenging co-studio both for my writings and for collaborations, and as my work often enters into dialogue with public spaces, I spend time researching such spaces.

Visitors were invited to play around with the wooden letters, which I originally created at Fellesverkstedet in Oslo for Ålesund’s city hall square in this project. In Studio they were used to comment on contrasts in public space, maybe establishing a sort of consciousness or connection between inside and outside of the KMD building, which is materially transparent but for practical reasons equipped with a series of physical and ideological gatekeeper mechanisms.